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We are a strategic MGMT & Production group representing a fierce community of multi-faceted artists & brands who encourage one another.

We know collaboration is the key to success.

                        is an elite brand and talent MGMT and production firm established in 2010. 




We are a full-service MGMT team and oversee every facet of our client's businesses. Brand MGMT includes a vast scope of services that we proudly provide and curate to compliment each client's unique needs & goals.


Creative story-telling and campaign development for target audiences combined with brand strategy, identity, messaging & tone development using robust sensibilities for consistency and alignment to client goals.


Utilizing our extensive relationships and creative content development services, clients regularly tap into our product placement opportunities to create on-going story-telling for target audiences. We provide meaningful placement opportunities for beauty & lifestyle brands daily. For alerts about opportunities as they develop, please contact us to be placed on our VIP alerts list. We also create customized opportunities by combining high-visibility moments with content creation and media appeal to generate multi-layered exposure points to maximize ROI and earned media potential.


Our founder and CEO, EJ Jamele, was frustrated while working in a sterile agency environment that was less motivated by artist development and laser focused on profits and exploitation as the only benchmarks for prioritizing clients. His creative business mind and passion for creating something unique for every client was of no interest to his bosses. At that point, in 2010 he bet on his clients and himself when EJ started crowdMGMT with only two clients and a wish to create a judgement-free safe space for talent and brands to collaborate and create the career of their dreams together.


Since our first day of business, we've proudly represented a roster comprised of POC, queer artists and or LGBTQ+ allies that continue to break through glass ceilings and trail blaze in the multi-billion dollar lifestyle, entertainment and beauty industries. Our team reliably services some of the most prestigious clients in the world by combining a tremendously talented artist roster with a dedicated and proven MGMT team.


It's our belief that we can have it all; a firm that balances professional organization and innovative creativity in order to optimize our collaborative culture and judgment-free zone for creative and financial excellence. We're focused on strategic exposures and activations for our clients, with added attention to detail in daily operations and brand MGMT.


crowdMGMT has reliably been at the forefront of innovative brand development and collaboration and promises to continue to do so. We strategically break through noise and barriers, creating pathways to recognition and financial success for our artists and clients. We are honored and grateful that our services continue to provide key contributions to some of the most iconic moments in pop-culture, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle and we are committed to the excellence and integrity it takes to maintain that fact.


Since 2010, crowdMGMT has been at the forefront of innovative brand development and collaboration. We are honored and grateful that our services have provided key contributions to some of the most iconic moments in pop-culture, beauty, and lifestyle for the resume of folks and brands you see growing here including prestigious celebrities, networks, editorial & media outlets, production companies and lifestyle & beauty brands you will surely recognize.

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To provide support, collaboration opportunities, encouragement, and elite guidance to our clients as we work together to achieve and surpass their dreams and stand out in a crowd.


We produce everything from social media content to TV & Super Bowl commercials for the clients below & more!


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