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Brandon H. Thompson

hairstylist: celebrity, editorial, fashion 
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Brandon H. Thompson's love affair with hair began in a kitchen with a folding chair at the age of 13 when he had his first client sit in his chair, his mother. The backdrop of Brandon’s journey into the beauty industry began in the Midwest and he was raised in Dallas, Texas. He began taking cosmetology courses in high school. While growing as a young stylist Brandon joined the US Navy, hair then became a hobby. He credits the Navy for his incredible sensibilities for attention to detail and hard work ethic. While building a clientele on ships and deployments; he became known around the bases as “the guy who could do good hair.”


As a veteran in 2009, he embarked on a career in HIV Prevention with AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) in Dallas. In 2014, this position led to an internship with a Los Angeles-based, ASO called “The Black AIDS Institute.”  While regularly traveling back and forth to L.A., he fell in love with the city from the steps of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel downtown. The angels of LA were calling his name and he knew it so in 2015, he walked into his ​​Dallas based job, CBO Abounding Prosperity on a Wednesday and enrolled at Aveda Institute on Friday of the same week. It was time to become a licensed professional, and approach the beauty industry with technical knowledge and a fiercely artistic perspective.


Brandon currently lives in Los Angeles as a freelance artist; video, print, film/ TV and celebrity hair styling fill his days. He services a diverse clientele who all want a look of their own. While remaining true to his southern values he strives to make an impact and lane in the beauty industry all of his own. For Brandon, Beauty is about a discovery and building looks where the imagination comes to life to tell you anything is possible. 



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