crowdMGMT brings brands to the next level, period. We select the talent we work with based on two guidelines:


1. We believe in our talented clients.

2. We admire and enjoy collaborating with them.

Nobody’s better to take your brand to the top than people with the knowledge, relationships, and passion; that's what we bring to our clients at crowdMGMT.

crowdMGMT has placed talent on some of the most prestigious platforms, events, and editorial outlets in the world. We have a collaboration culture, resulting in power-house teams. Our rolodex is intensely populated by long-term relationships with some of the biggest talents, managers, television networks, entrepreneurs, and political figures in the world.


crowdMGMT is a talent and brand management company focused on the Beauty & Lifestyle industries. We have curated a roster of the most talented artists in their respective genres and trades that have propelled to the heights of their dreams and continue to undeniably succeed and surpass their own expectations.


Since 2008 crowdMGMT has been at the forefront of innovative brand development and collaboration design. We strategically break through noise and barriers, creating pathways to recognition and financial success for our clients. 


It’s simple really. Your brand becomes the star of the show. Center stage is where every brand wants to be, right? Through extensive relationships, creative content development, product placement and event & new media production we make sure your brand makes it big, no matter the platform.

crowdMGMT has constructed prestigious image and production teams for global brands including LOREAL, NIKE, MTV, NBA, Pepsi and many more.


We have successfully produced and distributed elite quality content by collaborating with our community of artists as well as our production house partner, Oakmont North Productions in Hollywood, CA. We provide these services to both our artist roster and clients that you see throughout our clients page. 

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