Trevor Bell

Producer & Influencer, Actor, Fitness Model 


Trevor Bell is a social media sensation. However, Trevor wasn't always the viral sensation and fitness model we see working and appearing in ads with brands like Nike, Adidas, Shea Moisture, Coca-Cola, and more. In 2016, during Trevor’s final semester at Columbia University, he made the decision to continue his football career in the NFL despite multiple job offers following his graduation.

Trevor knew this was a risky decision, and despite his optimism, Trevor did not make the cut at the JETS tryouts and received no callbacks during the draft. Trevor found himself with an Ivy League degree, debt, heartbreak and no job prospects, but found himself working 75+ hours a week at jobs he was not passionate about, but grateful to have.

In need of change, Trevor began betting on himself, sharing his successes and failures on social media alongside his inspiring content and fitness routines. His positive mindset has been a magnet to an audience of fans that are excited to support him on his journey to the top.

Now, we see the results of persistence, dedication, and talent paying off in waves. His verified TikTok platform exploded with millions of followers and his Instagram following is aggressively engaged. Trevor’s currently in production for a new Netflix film about the popular world of Cosplay. His eyes are on some pretty big goals and from the history of his story so far, they are only a few steps away from his reality so stay tuned!







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